0-5k the Body Happy Way

Go from 0 to 5k, the Body Happy way! Join us from 10th January for our next 5k running programme. You can join in person in Lewes or virtually from any location. So no matter what tier you are in, nothing can stop you from reaching that 5k goal.

This autumn, we launched our first ever 0-5k running group in Lewes. Our running guru Yasmin supports you to build stamina and strength the right way and enjoy running.

Lockdown didn’t hold us back either. As we could still leave our homes to enjoy physical exercise, socially distanced, we found a way to connect the group and keep the programme going virtually. The group log in to a Messenger chat room where Yasmin times the intervals, teaches us running technique, coaches us through stretches and cheerleads the group.

By week 4 the group were already running comfortably for 7 minutes without stopping. And by week 6 we were running 20 minutes without stopping! Amazing.

What’s more, through the power of tech, we have still been able to support each other and laugh along the way. And the views from our runner’s individual locations are absolutely stunning— Sussex at its finest.

This could be you. YES, it can.

We start a new group 10 January 2021 – get your tickets here.

Think how good it will feel pledging this side of Christmas: a positive goal after all the merriment of the festival season.

The benefits of running

Humans are built to run. Running or jogging is a highly beneficial cardio exercise, encouraging numerous health benefits.

  1. Running promotes heart health. It has been associated with reducing cardiovascular disease. By increasing your heart rate during a run, you actually decrease your resting heart rate, meaning the heart isn’t working so hard.
  2. Running boosts your mood. “Runners high” is a real thing! While you’re running the brain releases endorphins, increasing your mood and combatting anxiety and stress. Running can also improve sleep and mental focus.
  3. Running supports core strength and knee health (despite what you may think). Research has shown that running increases strength in joints, as they respond to the impact by bouncing back stronger.

But running the right way is essential to avoid injury.

  1. Pay attention to your posture and core while running is important. Yasmin always reminds us during 0-5 k run group to pinch a £10 note between our buttock cheeks!
  2. Keep a comfortable pace, enough to control your breathing.
  3. Invest in the appropriate footwear. Sports outlets can even look at your pronation and suggest the right shoe for your training.
  4. Mix up your terrains on runs or between each outing. Be mindful that the impact of consistently running on pavement can lead to injury.

Joining a run group helps make you accountable but brings a sense of community. When you run with a specialist like Body Happy’s Yasmin, you benefit from continual coaching along the route and reminders to pay attention to posture and your core.

Get started, January 2021



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