Sussex Business Women Excellence Awards

We’ve been named Wellness Business of The Year At Sussex Business Women Excellence Awards We’re happy to announce that Body Happy was recognised at this year’s Sussex Business Women Excellence Awards, being declared Wellness Business of the Year. This is testament to the fantastic work our teams do to improve the physical and mental wellbeing […]

World Mental Health Day in Lewes

It’s World Mental Health Day, which means Lewes, it’s time to talk. But what if you’re someone who isn’t comfortable with talking? What if you find it awkward, and you don’t know where to start? I’ve never found it easy to talk about stuff – how I’m feeling, what I’m worrying about. So instead I[…..]

Do You Meditate and If Not Why Not?

Wednesday 15th May was World Meditation Day so prompted us to focus a blog on the subject of meditation.   Do you regularly take time out to meditate or are there a number of excuses you’ve given yourself for not doing so? If you are making excuses are they actually valid? Let’s explore some of[…..]