Why diet is just as important as training

The food we consume shows a crucial role in how we look and feel. Frequent exercise is vital but according to many research studies, nutrition has the biggest impact on our overall health. We can use food as our ‘medicine’ to help cell regeneration, increase in lean muscle mass and lowering cholesterol. These are just […]

A picture of a couple working out in a friendly gym environment.

Why Friends Matter – in Lewes and Beyond

Want to make friends in Lewes? Join us at Body Happy Lewes and become part of our inclusive community. This National Best Friends Day we’re talking all things friend-related, because they matter, and they can help. Add Years to your Life by Making Friends in Lewes The Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing studied almost 1,500[…..]

No Tobacco day – 31st May

At Body Happy we thoroughly enjoy seeing all our clients and the people around them improve their overall health and lead a healthier life. But there are some factors that we can and cannot control, for example we can help them to stop or reduce the amount they smoke but we cannot help the people[…..]

Mental Health

The invisible illness The illness that no one can see, mental health. Everyone has their ups and downs, but no one can see or imagine how low and secluded a person can become when fighting their own demons. Whatever the cause – we should all unite to support and reduce the number of people suffering[…..]