National Best Friend’s Day

Adds Years to Your Life The Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing studied almost 1,500 seniors for a full decade. One interesting finding: having good friends increases longevity even more than having close relationships with adult children and other family. And those with the largest number of close friends outlived those with the smallest amount by […]

No Tobacco day – 31st May

At Body Happy we thoroughly enjoy seeing all our clients and the people around them improve their overall health and lead a healthier life. But there are some factors that we can and cannot control, for example we can help them to stop or reduce the amount they smoke but we cannot help the people[…..]

Mental Health

The invisible illness The illness that no one can see, mental health. Everyone has their ups and downs, but no one can see or imagine how low and secluded a person can become when fighting their own demons. Whatever the cause – we should all unite to support and reduce the number of people suffering[…..]

Sleep Disturbance: stop snoring

The whole population know exactly how it feels when we have not had a decent night’s sleep, we feel fatigued and drained all day yearning for our beds only to be bad tempered, lack concentration, and usually irritable. Bed partners who consistently put up with snoring from the other side of the bed, must deal[…..]