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If you’re new to exercise or haven’t been active for some time, check with your GP for your safety and peace of mind.  He or she probably knows about Circuits and will encourage you to participate to improve your health and fitness.

What is Circuits?

Jenny and client in Hove Fitness StudioCircuits is an excellent way to improve our strength and stamina. Circuits consists of a variety of exercises, know as stations, which you complete each one for a set duration or number of repetitions. The number of stations can vary depending on the size of the space and participants.

The circuit is designed prior to the class and can work in a variety of ways and formats:

  • Satellite Circuit – participant start at a station and move around the circuit is a clockwise direction
  • One forward, Two back – move forward one station and back two to overload on every other exercise
  • Once Through – enough stations are planned to complete once through. Each row of exercises may focus on a particular body part.

The circuit could then follow a pattern of a total-body exercise, lower body, upper body, core, cardio or upper body, upper body, lower body, lower body, core, cardio. The instructor can play around with the exercises for each station keep each circuit different.

The advantages of circuits are they can be tailored to the individual, with exercise progressions or regressions depending on injuries you may have and skill level, they are appropriate for all people whether training for a sport or health and a variety of excises and circuit structures are available for the instructor to choose from to prevent monotony.

What Do I Need to Bring to a Circuit Class? 

Just yourself and a water bottle.  Everything else you need is here, including water, a changing room and WC.

What Should I Wear?

Comfortable but fitted clothing is ideal; t-shirt, shorts, leggings, tracksuit bottom and trainers.

How is Circuits Practiced?

Circuits can be done anywhere and in any environment, all you need is body-weight. Circuits at Body Happy are led by a qualified fitness professional, giving encouragement and making sure you are performing the exercises with the correct technique. The class utilises equipment in the studio using dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, spin bikes, rowing machine and more.

Can Circuits Help Me Lose Weight?

Yes, circuits builds and strengthens muscles, increases your heart rate during the session, thus increasing your metabolic rate.  However, choosing a healthy diet to complement your classes is the best way to see results.

Who Is Circuits For?

It’s for you.  Circuits benefits men and women of all ages and levels of ability.  Classes incorporate the skills of both an advanced exerciser and novices alike.  None will judge you, and a good teacher will keep an eye on you to make sure that your technique and posture is correct, adapting the exercise to your ability.

Keen to learn more?

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