Marathon Day

If you’ve ever watched a marathon, you know there’s something magical about 26.2. It’s the stride of the winner, cruising down the finishing strait, looking like they’ve barely broken a sweat.  It’s the kids on the sideline, willing someone to give them a high five.  It’s the person you see trying to run that last hill, and […]

Race Preparation – 48 hours to go

It is only the Brighton Half marathon this weekend! This blog is to try and help you plan and prepare for race day. Over this week you will have tapered and eased off the training. You can still do a few things over the next 48 hours to help ease the nerves and stresses of[…..]

Inspired by the Brighton and/or London marathon?

Spring is the perfect time to start running.  The days are getting longer and warmer, and it is so much easier to want to get out the door when the sun is shining! It’s daunting to start running though, isn’t it? When you see people pounding the streets of your town, they all look like[…..]