For all our updates and changes due to COVID-19 please see below

– Book before you come

– Arrive “gym ready”

– Bring a water bottle

– Follow social distance guides

– Clean equipment after use

– Do not come in if you or any of your household display COVID-19 symptoms

Keeping you safe

We have been busy these past few weeks making sure that both of our sites are clean and safe for our members to return to.

We have followed the recommended government guidelines to make sure your experience with us is a safe and enjoyable time for every person involved.

We have completed a full risk assessment and made the appropriate changes to how we currently run our sites, how our team works, and what we can make available for use for our clients.

General Guidelines for your visit:

Please do not enter our buildings if you, or any of your household have any symptoms of COVID-19. If you need to cancel a booking, please either call us, or use our bookings App.

All visits must be booked in advance (gym, classes, personal training, osteopathy, and tours). We have a maximum capacity at both sites, and have a responsibility to know who visits us. To do this effectively our online booking is available, or if you have personal training sessions, your trainer will book these for you. You can of course book more than one activity per day, we just need to know what you were doing, and who with (no smutty jokes please). If you are logging in for a booking, could you also please update your ParQ questionnaire on your profile.

On arrival, please wait outside the door for one of the team to come and open it. We have a gap between sessions to allow the previous visitors to leave, then for the team to clean prior to letting the next bookings entry. Our exit from the building in Lewes will be via our fire escape (unless you unable to use the stairs). In Hove our usual door will be used to exit, and people waiting outside will be held by the office to allow exit space.

While awaiting entry, please observe social distancing!

We have additional alcohol gel stations around the club, and all hand washing facilities are open. On arrival, please wash your hands or use the hand gel provided. Likewise, before you leave the site, please do the same.

Our reception desk at Lewes has been temporarily moved to the back office, so when you arrive please do not think we are hiding from you! It allows us to have more that 2 meters distance and say hello to you.

Please only bring what you need for your workout. We would like you to arrive changed and ready for your workout. The changing/ toilets will be available, however the capacity for these areas is just 1 person in at any one time.

Please bring a water bottle. Our water fountain will be in use to fill the bottles, however the mouth bobbler will not be. Our cups will also be removed.

If you need to use a locker, these will be available, but please respect social distancing and wait if someone is at a locker near to yours.

How to book online

Please head to the following pages to book your sessions:

Lewes In person Classes:

Body Happy Online Classes:

Alternatively, if you are a member, all activities can be booked via our Clubright App software with your email and password. (you can also set up a password here too!) We will be more than happy to help you get this set up if you have any difficulty.

How will my gym session be different

There are a few changes that you will notice!

To start with you may notice that there are not so many team members in the building. Although we would all love to be back on site as much as possible to speak to you all, we have got to try and keep working ‘bubbles’. This means that in the event (hopefully not) that one of the team have to self-isolate, we can keep the club running.

On entry to the gym there is a trolley with sanitizing solution spray bottles. There are enough bottles for each person to have their own. Please pick one up and take it round your workout with you. Each machine you touch must be sanitized immediately afterwards. To effectively clean the machines and equipment you use, there is also paper towel to wipe the solution on with. Please spray the paper towel, and then wipe the equipment (rather than spray the equipment). The solution in the bottles is strong enough to be used sparingly. You also do not need reams of paper to do this! We are trying to keep environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the paper towel that is used is not able to be recycled at this present time. Please do not bring a gym towel, as these are not currently allowed.

We have spaced out all the equipment to allow social distancing to take place. Please continue to be mindful of social distancing as you work out and move between equipment. You will see blue spots on the flooring in the weights area. These indicate that if you stand or place a bench over them, you will be 2m away from the person working out next to you.

We have temporarily removed some pieces of equipment. These have been deemed pieces that we cannot sanitise effectively once they have been used once in the day. They will return, but only once measures have been lifted.

To make your workouts as efficient as possible for your allocated gym session, the EGYM equipment has been put onto a circuit mode. The equipment is set up for you to start at any point, and then move clockwise round the equipment. The rest periods and work periods are timed to fit in with your goals, but to also ensure everyone starts their set at the same time. Once one set is completed move on to the next piece o equipment. An additional 10 seconds has been added to the rest period to allow for sanitizing the equipment after each set.

Studio 2 will still remain available for use for a workout when a class is not on.

Once your gym session has ended, you will exit via the Fire escape (out through studio 2). You will find that the trolley for the sanitizer sprays has been moved, ready for you to return the spray. We will clean down the handles.

How will my personal training session vary?

I must say that we are just as excited to be seeing you in person once again. Please remember though that social distancing is to be respected, so as much as we want to hug each of you, we can’t.

You will notice that your trainer has made adjustments to your training sessions when you return. You may already have decided to combine in person and virtual training sessions moving forward, which is absolutely fine to do, just let us know.

In the training sessions you may find that sometimes your trainer will wear a face shield, and other times they may not. Having reviewed the guidelines, we do not have to wear a face covering, unless it is not possible to maintain the social distancing guidelines. For example, if we need to take any physical measurements, it means coming closer than 1m, so we will wear a face covering. The team have all been briefed on when a face cover should be used.

As personal trainers we are not yet able to pass equipment directly to our clients. Normally we would set pieces of equipment up, or get you in the correct position, and then pass you equipment. Unfortunately, we can’t do this, so there will be a lot more verbal guidance as to how to safely get yourself into the right position with the right equipment. It is not because we are feeling lazy.

You may find that initially we reduce the weights you were using. Firstly, if you have not been training through lock down, it would be completely normal to reduce the intensity of your workouts on return. Secondly as trainers we are not currently allowed to ‘spot’ you (when we stand close by to add assistance or take the weights off you when your muscles can do no more). For safety reasons, we will therefor reduce the weight to make sure you can do the exercise, and we will teach you how to safely deal with situations when your muscles have worked enough!

Finally, it is unfortunate that at present we are not able to assist you with the stretching part of your workout. I know for some this is the bit you really enjoy as you recover, relax, and let us do the stretching for you. On the positive we will teach you a routine that you can do yourself… something most of us have been trying to get you to remember for a while 😉

We do have hand washing facilities, hand gel, and sanitizing sprays available for you to wash your hands and the equipment used within the session. Your trainer may ask you to wipe the handles of the equipment down, and then they will properly clean the rest prior to the next client. For some items, this may mean moving it out of the studio to wash.

Can I book any therapies?

Yes, you can! All of the therapies we have to offer are now able to operate in a safe and effective manner. All of our therapists will have full PPE on to ensure that you (and they) are kept healthy and well. If it is your first booking, you are likely to find that the initial consultation/ fact finding is completed online prior to your visit. If you would like to make use of  our nutrition, wellbeing coaching, or mindset coaching appointments, these will remain online for the time being

Please do not arrive more that 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Please wait outside our door for the therapist to come and get you. They will then lead you to the therapy room. If you do need to change, the changing rooms are open, but please only bring essentials with you. If any items of clothing need to be removed, these will be placed in a plastic box in the therapy room.

You may think the therapy room looks a little bare. To be able to maintain high levels of cleanliness the couch covers and blankets have been removed.

How does group exercise work?

As per the gym, please book your space at any group exercise class.

Between 25th July and 1st August our group exercise classes will remain online. From 1st August you will be able to book a space on the classes.

We have opened studio 1& 2 into one large studio, however the maximum capacity for a class is currently 6 people.

Please sanitise your hands on entering the club and studio (if you stopped anywhere along the way). Please use studio 2 door to enter and make your way to the furthest available mat from you. All the spaces have been marked out with a 2m distance

There will be no moving about the room, or sharing equipment in any of the classes we teach. This means that if equipment is needed for the workout, the instructor will have laid it out for you already.

We have tried to adapt most of the classes we previously had on our schedule, however some will not be returning until social distancing measures have been removed, sorry!

You will notice that the instructor has a marked out area for them to use and move in. They are not able to move between you to help with exercise correction, so please actively listen to their instruction and demonstration.

When you walk into the studio, the first thing you will most likely notice is that there is a computer in front of the instructor area. As class numbers are reduced (or in Hove, unable to run), and some members continue to shield we will continue to live stream the classes for people at home. After the class we will then be able to upload the session to our members on demand area. If you enjoyed a particular class, you could follow it again at home, or when you can’t make it in person.

You will also notice the music quieter than usual as we cannot have it at a level which would mean people need to shout or raise their voice.

To put your mind at rest the only person in view of the camera is the instructor. We have measured out the participants areas to avoid anyone being captured on film.

When the class finishes, please sanitise your equipment, and hands, then leave via the fire exit at the back of studio 2.

What about my post workout coffee and snack?

We will have our tables spread out, so that if you finish your workout in time you can grab a coffee and snack. Please bring a re-fillable cup as we will only have disposable ones available (which are compostable).

We encourage everyone to use contactless payment options. If you are a member, it is possible to register a payment card with your account with us (held on Stripe rather than Body Happy), so that you do not need to bring your purse/ wallet.

All food and drinks items will be in their own packaging, and the team will have limited stock on display, but please ask.


We are so very pleased to be able to open our doors once again. If we could, there would be a giant party to celebrate!

Please bear with us while we adjust, like you, to a new way of working. Many of the team will not have been in ‘work mode’ since the start of lockdown, and Mark and myself have had to change many of the ways everyone works during this period in order to return safely.

Each week, we will review all the processes and measures we have in place to see how we can improve, so please rest assured we want you to be happy with your experience with us.

It is great to be back, and we can’t wait to see you all again.

Jenny & the Body Happy team