Enjoy a quick fitness boost, on us!

Enjoy a quick fitness boost, on us! Follow this quick home work out from Body Happy founder Jenny, to give your fitness a boost. It’s an early Christmas gift from us. Completely free. No membership required, no email sign up, no obligation.

With many of us still under lockdown restrictions, staying positive and motivated can be a challenge. It can only take these 4-minutes of movement to change that.

You don’t need any equipment. Just loose clothing and be willing to give it a good go.

Body Happy Online is a virtual fitness hub with live classes and pre-recorded content for catch-up viewing. With membership costing £19 per month, exercise any time, anywhere at your own pace, in your own home. This means, no matter what lockdown restrictions you find your local area under beyond national requirements until 2 December, you can stay on your happy, healthy fitness journey – without disruption.

We also have a thriving community in our Facebook group plus three motivational chat sessions each week to ask our fitness team questions or just air frustrations over a coffee!

All our free content has been made possible from contributions to our gofundme page. Any small amount you could chip in, helps a small business like us, help you.