Free fitness class – #FreebieFriday is here!

#FreebieFriday is here! Beat the lockdown blues and join us online weekly for a free fitness class. Perfect for beginners or if you haven’t done regular exercise for a while.

As a thank you for all the overwhelming support we have received from our community, we are running a free 30-minute fitness class every Friday at 12.30 pm. Access live via Zoom, where our qualified fitness instructor team will guide you through the exercises.

Register and we will send you a weekly reminder, so you never forget to join (with the ability to opt out whenever you like, of course – but we don’t think you will want to).

Here is what our members say about Body Happy

“I just love Body Happy. Quite unlike any gym I have been to. The whole ethos is about “being good to your body” rather than “beating it into shape”. Alastair

“Jenny and her team are consistently welcoming, incredibly warm and friendly and always encouraging, and you really feel supported. They take a genuine interest in you and your health and fitness goals.” Emma

“If you think ‘the gym’ is a daunting place you have never been here – there are smiles, laughter and genuine desire to get you to exactly where you want to be. There is no pressure but a complete understanding that we start at different points and our goals are varied.” Paula

Lockdown has meant many of us rethinking our regular exercise as we have been unable to access the gym or go swimming. Or we are simply not as active, while we stay at home to protect the vulnerable and stop the spread.

We are still here!

That’s where Body Happy leapt into action with our Body Happy Online programme. Live classes from the studio, to suit all abilities, accessible via a monthly membership or pay as you go. It’s a chance for us to demonstrate our approach to fitness – not by pounding the body as hard as it will go to the backdrop of loud music – but focussing on core strength, flexibility and building stamina comfortably. Plus, positively encouraging all our members to find joy in the many fitness options available to them. Investing in your health is not a “one size fits all”.

You can get started on your own happy, healthy journey for free by joining Freebie Friday. As well as feeling more energetic and flexible, even gentle exercise for 30-minutes a week can help you stay positive and focussed during these challenging times. And for extra guidance, join our free Coffee Mornings Tuesday at 10.45 am to discuss your fitness plan with our expert team.

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    Free fitness class – #FreebieFriday is here! – Body Happy

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