Getting back into the gym: how to get back into a routine

We know at Body Happy that it can be difficult to seek help with motivation and to stick to goals we make for ourselves; that’s why I’m writing this blog, to help you feel ready to begin your journey with us to becoming more motivated, fitter, healthier and happier.

Home is where the heart is and home is where everything begins!

Sleep is essential for motivation- making sure you are having a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night will give you more energy, help you to feel more motivated and also help with your recovery after training.

This is also where your personal diet comes into effect too. If you’re not giving your body the fuel (food) that it needs, how can you expect to feel motivated to go to the gym? We should all be consuming 2,000kcal (for Women) & 2,500kcal (for Men) every day. If we fuel our bodies with excess calories without exercise, this will create weight gain.

Ok, so we have all the points of what we should do after exercise, to help us recover and to keep on going, but what do we do in the gym that can help you stay motivated?
– Set yourself realistic goals to reach each time you train and also outside of training too. This could be something small like drinking your daily intake of water on the day, to something big such as going for a walk. At Body Happy, we know that we all find different things more difficult than others and that’s why we have a small team for a greater amount of personalisation for each and every one of our members.

– Track your progress. This might seem boring and pointless, but at least you will be staying true to yourself whilst making real progress. Listening to your gut and body is important when it comes to working out, which is why we have eGym! EGym provides us with training programmes that are adaptable to your personal fitness level (low, moderate and hard) and you can choose from 9 different programmes to work on which are:
• Basic- foundational strength training
• General fitness- more vitality
• Body toning- more definition
• Immunity boost- strengthen your immune system
• Weight loss- less fat
• Muscle building- more muscle mass
• Athletic- more power
• Metabolic fit- regulate blood sugar
• Rehab- gentle rehabilitation

We at Body Happy are lucky enough to own high tech equipment that track your progress, strength, weaknesses and muscle imbalances
– Don’t overdo it you might think that go hard or go home is what going to the gym or working out looks like, but at body happy we are far from this saying. Body Happy believe that doing small amounts of exercise in short sessions can actually make even more of a difference than to over exert yourself and never want to look back at the gym again.

– Drop those weights lower! What is the point in coming back to the gym and starting where you were a year ago? There isn’t; doing this will cause injuries and will give you no pathway to progress, whereas if you start with 50% less resistance than before, you are a lot more likely to progress to where you want to be.

– Finding the right gym- You might not think that this matters a lot to you personally, but the majority of people are unhappy training because they are working out in the wrong gym/atmosphere for them. Think about your goals, what is it you want? Is it flexibility? Mental health support? Muscle building for competitions? This is something you should think about whilst visiting the gym to join. Do they offer weights available to succeed within hypertrophy? Are the staff members/ members there supportive of mental health? Do they believe in it? Having the right atmosphere for your personal needs makes a huge difference to your goals and the way you train- being able to have confidence in the atmosphere you’re in whilst progressing within your fitness journey is something everybody should experience!

– Equipment- Having the right footwear, gym wear and accessories makes all the difference to getting back to the gym. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to wear a branded set of Nike or Gymshark set! This means that for your body you should be investing shoes and clothing that are comfortable, nothing else- just comfortable! Supporting yourself with the right trainers for the arch of your foot to having the right size water bottle will go a long way getting back to the gym; this is because we are all different. We all need different things in life to complete our goals, but mostly similar when getting to the gym.

Here’s a short checklist for you to remember what to bring/look for when getting back into the gym:
1. Water bottle
2. Trainers
3. Gym bag
4. Towel
5. Comfortable clothing

If you’re training before work, lay your clothes out the night before the gym so you don’t have any room for excuses 😉 We know how easy it is to forget things.

If you’re going to work that day and visiting the gym afterwards, take your comfy clothes with you to work so you can visit the gym straight after to enjoy your workout.

Fitness is for life and if you incorporate this saying to your own life then you will see that you have a very Happy Body & Healthy Mind.



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    Getting back into the gym: how to get back into a routine | Body Happy

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    Getting back into the gym: how to get back into a routine | Body Happy

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