Jenny Day

As the owner of Body Happy, I’ve always been interested in health, well being and fitness. Most of all, my motivation is to help others to be their very best.

My team and  I would love to help YOU, too.

Keen on athletics, I graduated with a BSc in Sports Science and Sports Therapy, a well-recognised qualification in the fitness sector. I’m fortunate enough to have a wealth of experience and expertise.

I’ve managed a number of gyms and fitness studios, including the health club at the Metropole on Brighton’s sea front. In addition, I’ve achieved Level 4 Advanced instructor for lower back pain management.

Additional qualifications in:

  • Kettlebells
  • Mat-based Pilates
  • Exercise for older adults
  • Exercise referrals

Mark Beresford

Mark is a strength and conditioning coach and a qualified personal trainer, who believes that people should be active, as there are so many physical and mental health benefits.

Mark’s core beliefs are that personal training and strength and conditioning should be bespoke, and be both enjoyable and challenging.

He also believes in helping educate clients to the ‘whys’ of training to help people understand the reasons for doing certain exercises. Mark enjoys training those looking to push themselves to reach their goals: whether that’s getting fit for a sport, fat loss or increasing muscle mass, or just to get that bit healthier. The benefits of exercise not only help with performance and improvement in sports, but in encouraging an overall healthy lifestyle and boosting mental wellbeing, Mark can help you reach your goals, not matter how big or small they are. From his experience working with a range of people – from an aspiring fitness model to a retired ice-climber in remission from cancer, as well as training sports teams such as Brighton and Hove Albion youth team and American Football, Mark has been able to improve performance and wellbeing for a diverse range of clients. As a professional in the ever-developing fitness industry, Mark is always keen to keep learning: studying and reading to help him improve his own performance. He knows it is vital to keep his own expertise up to date if he want to train you in the best possible way. Mark’s free time is spent trying to stay fit, by lifting weights in the gym and signing up to the occasional challenge: from marathons to half ironman distance triathlons. He also enjoys relaxing by spending time coarse fishing.

Debbie Francis

Debbie has been in the Fitness Industry for 10 years now and in that time, she has worked for several gyms across Sussex and in many, varied roles. Debbie started out as a gym instructor and quite quickly branched into Group Exercise – teaching classes also.

From there Debbie worked her way up through being a PT and then into Group Exercise management and Fitness management, culminating in being a regional group exercise and fitness manager looking after 5 sites across Sussex for a community fitness trust.

Along the way Debbie added a few more strings to her bow qualifying as a L3 Pre and Post-Natal trainer, an Otago instructor for falls prevention and she is qualified to teach aerobics, step, circuits, bootcamp, HIIT, body conditioning, beaming, Pilates, stretch, Zumba, Clubbercise and Fitsteps. In 2018 Debbie made the decision to step out of Fitness management and get back to my real passion which is delivering fitness and she has not looked back.

Debbie truly love’s working with people either one on one or in a group setting to help them to achieve their goals. When it comes to one on one training Debbie has a real passion around posture, balance, alignment and making sure her clients are moving well. Before Debbie worked in Fitness she was a dancer and she enjoys bringing the benefit of that experience to her clients – for example ballet taught Debbie a lot about the principles of posture and balance and this can be applied in the gym (not that she makes her clients do ballet you understand!) to great effect.

The many and varied conditions, injuries and issues Debbie’s clients come with fires her to help them to move well and be as injury free as possible and to strive for the best health and wellbeing they can achieve. More and more exercise is being prescribed as a treatment for all manner of illnesses or conditions and Debbie is wholeheartedly behind this shift and ready to give people as much quality of life as possible through exercise.

When it comes to group exercise Debbie love’s being in a studio setting and delivering any of the classes she is qualified to teach, but by far, her favourite thing to teach are dance based fitness classes such as Zumba and Fitsteps. Debbie is a dancer at her core and not only does it allow Debbie to feel the joy of dance but it allows her to share that joy with the participants who come to her class.

We get to have fun, feel free and get the added benefit of getting fit at the same time – win, win in Debbie’s book!! If you can be strong enough to resist injury, fit enough to prevent (as much as is really possible) disease and you eat to nourish your body and exercise to celebrate what it is capable of, you’re onto a winning formula in Debbie’s my book!

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