Personal Training

Our Personal Training memberships are aimed at anyone looking for personal training. However, here at Body Happy, we like to give you options. So if you'd rather have a massage once a week, then these packages could be for you.

Each of our personal training memberships, Develop, Grow and Excel are for a set number of ‘sessions’ per month. These ‘sessions’ can be used however you wish in order to build the plan which is best for you.

For example, if you are on the Develop membership you could choose to have 1 personal training session per week for 3 weeks alongside your regular gym visits. However, with this package you would have the flexibility to use your final session of the month for a 30-minute massage.  You simply replace your personal training ‘session’ with a massage.

Having a membership with us means you don’t have to worry about paying for additional treatments as they are included, and you’ll know you’re getting a great service as you’ll be at Body Happy.

choose your package

1:1 Session (face to face or online)

Workout Plan

Access to the Body Happy Coach app

Nutrition Consultation by a Level 3 Qualified PT

Meal Plans

PT Develop 



1 x 1 hour PT session per week

PT  Grow



2 x 1 hour PT sessions per week

PT Excel 



3 x 1 hour PT sessions per week 

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