Race Preparation – 48 hours to go

It is only the Brighton Half marathon this weekend! This blog is to try and help you plan and prepare for race day. Over this week you will have tapered and eased off the training. You can still do a few things over the next 48 hours to help ease the nerves and stresses of the day as well as prepare your body for the main event.

The next 48 hours are all about:

  • stay hydrated
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Keep your carbohydrate levels stocked up


The day before race day

Hydration – start taking water on board. Make sure you look to drink 1.5 to 2 litre of water today. This will help get you hydrated for tomorrow. Your body needs time to adjust, so the first several hours you may pee a bit more than normal. Your body needs to train itself to hold onto the water you are taking on.

Carbohydrates – you don’t need to pile in the carbohydrates today, but do look to have some with every meal, giving your stores the best possible chance for them to be replenished. In the evening a nice simple meal of pasta, tinned tomatoes with some protein is not a bad option. Taking carbohydrates on today is more beneficial than loading up on the morning of the race.

Prepare the night before – pack what you need for after the race in a separate bag and have your clothes to wear laid out.

Kit Bag Race Kit
Sun cream Trainers
Lip Gloss / Vaseline Socks and Pants
Vaseline Short / Bottoms
Plasters T-shirt
Safety Pins Race Number
T-shirt Safety Pins
Post-run drink *Jumper
Post-run snack Gels
Jumper Plasters
Socks Sports Bra
Jacket Race Chip
Optional Optional
Towel Visor
Wash Kit Jacket
Credit card / Cash Water Bottle
Plastic bag GPS Watch
Trainers Race Belt
** Toilet Paper

*An old one, wear this to stay warm at the start line and take off and throw to the side. Some races collect these and take them to charity to shops
**Emergency for if the toilet cubicles have run out

Race Day
Breakfast – stick to your tried and tested.  Don’t go changing anything on race day if possible.  If porridge has been your staple, look for the porridge pots and have one or two of these, simply add hot water. Look to take this on at least two hours pre-race.

Hydration – look to have 250-500ml of water an hour before the race.  Coffee is a stimulant and can aid performance, but make sure you run having drunk coffee in training.

Arriving – how early should you arrive?  This is up to you; if you always arrive early to things, arrive early.  Do what puts your nerves at ease.

Toilet Stop – if you need to go, join the queue and go pre-race.  If the race starts before you have gone, do not worry.  Your race/time starts when you cross the line; using the timing chip you have been given.

Warm Up – you will see people running up and down the road warming up prior to the race.  It may be best to do a little jog to get the muscles warm or perform some mobility drills to get the joints loose, especially if it’s a cold day.

Race – run at your own pace, you may get caught up in the excitement of the race and set of way too fast.  Take your time and slow it back down, setting off too fast can come back and haunt you towards the end of the run.  Second, if the pace is too slow, as caught behind lots of people, do not panic and try to catch up.  When you can manage to run at your race pace, towards the end of the race and if you are still fresh (due to the slower miles at the start), then look to increase the pace if you feel happy to.

Friends and Family – try and find out where they will be standing prior to race day and on what side of the road.  This allows you to know where to look for them, saving energy as you could be looking for them the whole race.  Ask them to take items or give you extra food, this stops you having to carry everything round.

Post-Race – arrange a meeting spot with friends and family.  Most races are closed off at the finish, so you may have to walk a while before you can get out and up to roads, and friends and family cannot get to you easily.  Having a designated spot also helps as phone signal can be bad on race days, meaning you are unable to call people and arrange a spot to meet.

Smile – put on your biggest smile possible, you have completed your race.  Enjoy the moment, eat well and stay hydrated.  If you are going to have a few alcoholic beverages, have a pint of water with each one.

You got this.

Good Luck
On behalf of the Body Happy team, we wish you good luck with your race not matter what the distance. Be confident in your training, whether you are after a time or just want to get around, may you strive to achieve the goal you have set yourself.

Happy running