Roll with It

What is Roll with It?

Are you lacking in flexibility? Have muscle soreness? either from sports, sitting at a desk or sedentary lifestyle? The roll release class is a way to learn how to perform myofascial release on trigger points. These trigger points are sore spots on the muscle, which can reduce mobility and create poor posture through tight muscles. The roll release class looks to target massaging the soreness away using a foam roller and stretching techniques.
Loosening up connective tissue can increase flexibility and reduce pain – helping improve posture and performance. In the class you will learn how to use the foam roller. You will roll over muscles slowly, stopping on trigger points, followed by a stretch to target that specific muscle group. These sessions are great after a heavy week playing sport, sitting at a desk all week or prior to a run/game.


What Do I Need to Bring to a Roll with It class? 

Just yourself we have everything you will need for the class. If you have your own foam roller, you are more than welcome to bring it along.

What Should I Wear?

Anything comfortable you can move freely in.

Who is the class for?

The class is open to anyone looking to improve their flexibility and range of motion for leisure, sport or just general body maintenance. This class is not a yoga class.

Benefits of the class

  • Improved range of motion
  • Reduced post exercise muscle soreness
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Increased power

Keen to learn more?

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