The benefits of group exercise

Firstly, we should probably ask; what is group exercise? In a nutshell, when we talk about ‘group exercise’ we mean literally, exercising with a group of people. More specifically in a health club, gym or fitness centre, we mean attending a class where an instructor will take a group of participants through a workout. Studies have shown that Group Exercise is a hugely beneficial way to workout and here’s why:


Structured workout with options for all

The best thing about a class (in my opinion!) is that you don’t have to know what you’re  doing, the instructor does that for you! The class will have been designed to take you through a warm up, the main workout, that should give varied options for intensity (so you can level up or down as you want/need to), and a cool down and stretch out. You can rely on your workout being safe but effective without having to figure out how to do that yourself!


‘There’s strength in numbers

The gym can be a daunting place to go, particularly if you are new to it. In the gym we are often on our own or with only one or two training partners and it can be easy to feel quite exposed in going through our workout. In a class, you have the option of ‘blending into the back row’. Most people in a class are only concerned with what they are doing and pay no heed to other participants so you can blend in with the crowd with no fear of feeling exposed!



You know what time your class starts and ends. You know, without a doubt, how long your workout will be so you can ready yourself to give your all knowing where the finish line is!


Its sociable

When you regularly attend the same class, it’s inevitable that you will get to know others who regularly attend and before you know it, you’ll be headed for a post class coffee and natter. You might even find the instructor joins you! As instructors, we love to see the same faces in our classes each week and I promise you, we find as much comfort in seeing you there as you do in seeing your ‘favourite instructor’ each week. (But of course, we love to welcome new participants too!!)


Increased motivation to attend

Seeing the same faces and the same instructor in class each week means there’s a greater motivation to keep going to class. You’re no longer just going to exercise, you’re going to see your mates! There’s also a greater accountability – it’s not so easy to find an excuse not to go when you know your mates are waiting for you!


Consistency creates results

Because of the social aspect creating a greater motivation, we often see a better regularity of attendance in classes. I’m often asked as a class instructor and personal trainer, what’s the best exercise to do to get results. The answer is simple, do whatever you enjoy, but do it regularly. The more consistent you are with your workout, the faster you will see results!!


Here at Body Happy, we run over 22 classes each week in a variety of different class styles from Pilates, Yoga and Stretch, to circuits and Spinning we have something to suit everyone. With all those benefits, what’s stopping you? Why not give us a call and come and try one of our classes today!