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Swedish Massage is gentler than a sports massage, our therapist uses techniques aimed to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension . The techniques used are all designed to help relax you, increase blood flow to the muscles being treated, help lymph drainage and stimulate nerve endings.

Hot Stones Massage involves the therapist placing heated stones upon specific parts of your body. The heat from the stones, and weight of the stones, help relax the muscles. This allows the therapist to work deeper in the muscle whilst applying lighter pressure.

Sports Massage, also known as deep tissue massage. Although most people think this type of massage is for sports people, it is very beneficial to all of us due to the stresses placed upon the body in daily living. Sports massage uses different techniques to relax the muscle, then applying pressure to mobilise fluids, stretch muscle fibres and aid relaxation. Different Sports Massage techniques can aid benefits prior to sporting events, post sporting events and even during some sporting events.

Chiropractor, every day stresses and strains alone can cause your muscles and bones to move differently. This can result in pain and cause you to move less effectively, or simply move less. Any injuries, (old or new), can make this effect worse. By gently putting those affected parts f you back where they’re supposed to be, you can achieve better posture, relieve pain and regain movement and flexibility.

Osteopathy looks at the well-being of an individual by how their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues function together. Osteopaths will work to restore a state of balance between your bones, ligaments, and connectives tissues. To do this, osteopaths us various techniques, massage, physical manipulation and stretching all aimed at increasing the mobility at your joints, relieve tension, increase the blood supply to tissues and help you heal.

Prior to some of our treatments, sports massage and chiropractic treatments, an initial consultation is required. The consultation is designed to asses the issue you would like resolved. The therapist will carry out an in-depth examination. This examination allows the therapist to put together a treatment plan for you. The therapist will chat with you to come together with an agreed plan of action (treatment and exercises), discuss your aims from treatment and put the plan into action.


Depending on the findings in your initial consultation, the therapist will treat you accordingly, depending on the therapist you are seeing. The therapist will check how you are doing and continue with any agreed treatments such as soft tissue techniques, mobilisation, and teach you exercises as required.

The therapist will also recommended any self-management work which may include exercises, adjustments to daily living and stretches.

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The 30 minute treatments can include back neck and shoulders with both Lisa and Ella.

*Hot Stones massage hour treatments only  

Ella also offers a 30 minute legs rejuvenation massage using a body scrub and lymphatic drainage.


When booking please let reception know the type massage you are after. Letting reception know your treatment at the time of booking (Back, neck and shoulder or leg rejuvenation) allows the therapist to prepare treatments prior to your appointment.





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To book a treatment contact the Body Happy team on 01273 916900. Treatments for non-members must be paid for at the time of booking. 24 hours cancellation notice must be given for cancelling an appointment. Cancellations within this time will be charged.