Top 7 Myths About Personal Training Busted Here

What are YOUR beliefs about Personal Training? It May Be Time for a Re-Think

The Top 7 Myths About Personal Training Busted Here.

It’s Not For Me, I’m Too Old/I’m The Wrong Shape, etc

OK, this is myth number one. You are not too old, too out of shape, too inactive or too anything. None of us is perfect. Personal training is for everyone, at any age or level of fitness. It’s for the person who wants to make a positive change but just needs a little help.

If you’ve not exercised for some time, an effective training programme should be tailored exactly to your level of fitness and adapted as you progress. If you feel a little sore the next day that’s OK but if you’re on-your-knees drained, unable to get out of bed, that’s not so good.

A good personal trainer will carry out a thorough assessment of your fitness levels and your health before you start, so make sure that this happens.

It’s Exhausting and Painful..and Hard Core

A session with a personal trainer should be challenging but never so exhausting that you can’t function afterwards. It shouldn’t hurt either. I must admit I hate the phrase “go hard or go home” – we’re not in the army, thank you.

Also, I still hear “no pain no gain” bandied about and it’s another myth that’s difficult to shake. With a PT, you’ll be working harder and more effectively than you would do in the gym on your own, but he or she should know how many reps you need to make a difference without doing any damage.

It’s All Rather Embarrassing…Isn’t It?

No, don’t worry. If you’re working out with a personal trainer in a public gym, everyone is pretty much focused on themselves rather than you. (That is, unless you’re wearing day-glow orange from top to toe.)

Some personal trainers offer sessions in their own studio, which is ideal.

Also, you won’t be doing anything that makes you feel awkward or embarrassed. Good PTs know that if they discomfit you, you’ll cancel with them. Simple as that.

No Way. Personal Training is like PE at School

Surely, the grim humiliation of PE from the days of our youth has put many of us off exercise in later life – but it shouldn’t.

The memory of running around a draughty hall in your school regulation navy blue knickers should be consigned to history. Exercise sessions with a personal trainer are nothing like PE at school. Firstly, wear what you like – within reason, as long as you feel comfortable. Secondly, one-to-one exercise sessions are about developing your strength, flexibility and overall fitness. They should actually be fun. If they’re not, don’t do it.

Or, more to the point, find another personal trainer.

There’s Lots of Running

Not unless you want there to be. You may be training for a marathon, in which case – yes. Most PT clients want to lose weight, tone up, gain better health and simply feel better. That means a tailored programme that combines weight training with interval training (High Interval Training, HIT for short).

Funnily enough, running on its own is no longer seen to be the best and most effective means of fat loss. You’ll need to focus on the calorie burning magic of stronger, larger muscles to start noticing significant weight loss.

But I Don’t Need to Lose Weight!

Okaaaaay. Let’s focus on improving your posture, flexibility and on helping you eat and sleep better. Let’s work together to make you stronger, leaner and fitter. You may be referred to a personal trainer from another health professional after injury or illness, perhaps. Why not focus on other equally important aspects of your wellbeing?

Whatever your health goals, a personal trainer will help you get there.

It’s Really Expensive

Not really. Not compared to the money you spent on your last haircut or that you’ve spent on wine in the last few weeks . Or, that gym membership you pay for monthly but never actually go.

Us Brits waste £37 million each year on unused gym memberships, exercise and slimming classes, a staggering amount which, compared with the cost of a personal trainer, is just chucking money into the bin.

And remember, you don’t have to go twice a week. You could consider sessions every other week; personal training is about what works for you.

Seriously, you can’t put a price on your health – a cliché but nonetheless true.

So…myths busted. Don’t let your own pre-conceptions stop you from living life to the full. Be well, be happy. Be Body Happy.



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